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Re: recycled plastic lumber

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cmd(--nospam--at) wrote:
> I've been asked to considering the use of a recycled plastic lumber
> (RPL) product for an upcoming public project.  The project will entail
> the use of RPL, of the appropriate thickness, as a wave reflecting
> surface on a floating structure
> (fresh water).  The forces will peak on the order of some hundreds of
> PSF (I
> haven't figured the wave loads as yet) on spans on the order of, say,
> 4 or 5
> feet.
> I've not used RPL in this manner.  I've not used it at all actually.
> My question to all is: does anyone have any thoughts or experience
> with RPL (other than how expensive it seems to be)? I'm thinking of
> appropriate load factors, durability, bolting performance,
> specification pointers, consistency of manufacture, etc.  From what
> I've seen so far you have to develop your own design rules.
> Thanks for the help
> Michael Donoghue, PE
I have used RPL several times for wood deck replacement and CL2 basin
baffle walls.  If properly manufactured (a big IF) it is nearly as
strong as wood, but much more flexible.  Make sure it's UV stabalized if
outdoors.  Don't know of fatigue test data, but would imagine HDPE to be
relatively forgiving...non brittle.

Contact me directly at loeth(--nospam--at) and I can forward you some
technical data and the one reputable mfr I have experience with.

Larry Oeth