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My first suggestion would be to get ahold of the ETABS V6 manual from CSI before you use this program, ESPECIALLY for a 29 story shear wall!
As for your question:  MAJOR and MINOR axes refer to the local element system for either frame elements or panels.
For columns, the orientation of the local xyz is base on the orientation of the column lines that is specified in the input file.
For beams, the MAJOR axis is in the vertical plane, MINOR is in the horizontal plane.
For a single panel, the MAJOR axis runs parallel to the panel itself, MINOR is of course perpendicular.
For a panel assemblage (>1 panel), the FIRST panel input determines the orientation of the MAJOR and MINOR axes.
Unfortunately, ETABSOUT does not have the feature of plotting the local coordinate system of wall panel ASSEMBLAGES, it will do the LCS for each individual panel element, though, and if you have just one panel, or all the panels run in one line, then it will suffice.
If you have a box assemblage of panels, for example, I would suggest using the old PLOTTER program, which used to come with ETABS (DOS based).  PLOTTER will let you see the programs assumptions regarding the LCS for assemblages.
Hope this helps.
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I am using ETABS version 6 to analyze 29th story shear wall response under windload.
In the ETABSOUT, the result is shown referenced to MAJOR and MINOR axis. Are these just a local coordinate system to a frame element? or Do these mean something else in ETABS?
Thank you.
Sung Chung
Structural Engineer