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Re: Fw: UBC 97 Drift

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>I would like to add that Section 1921.6.6 for shear walls design is
>pretty tedious and that we should get paid more for all this 
>Thanks again for your input,
>Moni Serhal

That is why we created a design spreadsheet  for checking Sections
1921.6.6.4 and 19216.6.5 boundary element requirements, and we are
extending the program to include Section 1921.6.6.6.

BTW, Section 1921.6.6.5 indirectly implies that the wall effective
inertia Ie can be taken as 50% of  Ig.  The correct relation between the
wall deflection in Section 1921 and the maximum deflection in Section
1916 can be found on the errata sheets for 1997 UBC. Also, please note
that the allowable drift in 1997 UBC is different that that in 1994 UBC.

Wira Tjong,S.E.


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