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Re: Fw: Fw: UBC 97 Drift

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But, I have to ask:  what is it about your particular situation that is requiring you to increase the size of your walls such that it is becoming a problem?  Are you concerned about pounding with adjacent structures, or are you concerned with structural stability at the expected deformation level? 
Actually what is prompting large wall dimensions is the high stresses in the walls due to moment and vertical loads. For the drift, using Ie=0.35Ig makes it exceed the 0.02H limit set in section
 Also, again respecting the fact that I am not all that up on UBC97, it would seem that Section 1630.9.2 is requiring only Delta Max=.7*R*Delta Service

Well whether this Delta is at service or not is a bit confusing since it is, as I understand it, computed for 1.2D + 0.5L +1E. The 0.7 factor reduces the inherent 1.4 factor for E in UBC 97 to 1 thus making E at "service" but the dead load would still be factored. T. Eric Gillham PE
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Thanks again for your input,
Moni Serhal