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Re: ICBO California Legislative Alert

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Rick Drake wrote:

. >      The IBC process has been an open process.  Any interested party 
. > could 
. >      have obtained a free copy of each draft from ICBO (and probably the 
. >      other model code organizations also).  The drafts had clear 
. > procedures 
. >      for submitting proposals.  Those of us who submitted proposals were 
. >      sent a copy of all proposals and were invited to participate in the 
. >      approval meetings.  The process for IBC changes appears to be every 
. >      bit as slow and deliberate as the UBC code process.
. >      If we don't like the 1997 UBC or 2000 IBC, maybe it's because we 
. > chose      not to participate in the process.


I do choose to participate in the process!  I am serving on the Tucson/Pima 
County Building Code Review Committee and we have been studying the 
proposed changes.  I have copies of *each* draft of the IBC 2000, but are you 
aware of how far in advance of the submittal deadlines/hearings these were 
made available?  Not very!  For example, the proposed changes to the "Final 
Draft" became available in late February and the Code Development Committee 
meetings were held in mid-March.  Not very much time.

I am glad that you also noted that I included the 1997 UBC as being a "bad" 
code as the changes were massive and only one code development committee 
meeting was held between the adoption of the 1994 UBC and the adoption of the 
1997 UBC.  Very little opportunity to pick up problems in the changes that 
were proposed.


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona