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RE: bending stainless steel

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It depends on which stainless steel you are looking at.  Many stainless
steels are quenched and tempered.  If that is the case, the bolts should
undergo heat treating following fabrication.  Often times materials are
fabricated from a given material, then heat treated, quenched and tempered,

You might want to consider hot dip galvanized eye bolts, ring bolts, or
other forged fittings.  Look at the Crosby Group

If you must fabricate using stainless steels:
1. Select the stainless steel that has the appropriate corrosion resistant
2. Evaluate the austenitic alloy for strength.  (It is easier than a
martinsite alloy.)
3. Fabricate the bolts plus a few more for testing.
4. Have the fabricated bolts quenched and tempered to achieve the
appropriate alloy.
5. Test samples to failure that are fabricated the same as the bolts.  
6. Test the hardness of all bolts relative to the bolts tested to failure.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Subject: bending stainless steel

How much strength is lost when you bend 
stainless steel by heating?

I need to bend stainless steel bolts (150 deg) to hook
to church bells. The bolts will hold the counter weights.

Any suggestions for a better way?