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VIRUS ALERT!!! (Melissa Virus)

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Please disseminate this vital information to your colleagues/subordinates. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Subject: VIRUS ALERT!!! (Melissa Virus)
Author:  Reigh Cadayona at Gizan1
Date:    3/29/99 8:41 AM

To all e-mail users:

Please be advised that there's a new Word macro virus called the Melissa virus (W97M_Melissa) spreading thru e-mail attachment. The email will contain the subject line: "Important Message From {user name}" and the message body will include the phrase, "Here is that document you ask for_don't show anyone else :-)"  

If the user has Outlook, it will automatically sends one email for each address list (up to 50 recepients) in the Outlook.  The virus then attaches a copy of the infected active document to the outgoing mail.  Tha name of the original infected document is LIST.DOC and the virus will travel frequently using this name.

If the user does not have Outlook, the virus will not be able to send itself via email, but will replicate and infect other documents on the system. The virus does not damage or change data (except as noted in the case above), but can consume vast quantities of network resources and quickly spread due to its "auto-spam" characteristics.


All e-mail users are advised to be wary of opening email attachments with the subject line reading: "Important Message From {user name}" with a phrase in the message body reading, "Here is that document you ask for_don't show anyone else :-)" -- even if you recognize the name of the person sending the message, since this is how the virus is spread.

IS support staff will be installing an updated virus pattern in your computer to automatically scan and neutralize this virus.