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Reply: ICBO California Legislative Alert

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Jim Fruit writes:

. > For everyones information; the IBC chapter 16 is based on the SEAOC blue 
. > book which carries over from our UBC. Don't be too hasty in turning down 
. > the IBC.

I have sensed that it was with great reluctance and under great pressure to 
have *one* national earthquake code that SEAOC finally agreed to a somewhat 
modified NEHRP code.

It must be remembered that the provisions of NEHRP have *never* been tested 
under a *real* earthquake, and the UBC provisions (SEAOC provisions) have 
been repeatedly tested, deficiencies noted, changes made, and when another 
earthquake strikes, additional deficiencies will be noted and more changes 
made.  NEHRP has not been subjected to this rigorous evaluation.  The only 
codes that had adopted NEHRP have been codes that are in areas where 
seismic design is not considered.   No matter how much laboratory testing has 
been done or how much computer simulation has been performed, nothing tests 
design and construction like a *real* earthquake.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona