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RE: Stainless Steel Bolts

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Hilti HAS-HCR anchor rods are made from a CrNi steel containing roughly 6%
molybdenum (1.4529) that offers considerably greater resistance to corrosion
than 316.

J. Silva
Hilti, Inc.

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> See below.
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> Subject: Stainless Steel Bolts
> Can someone give me information on SS bolts for structural applications.
> I am proposing 1/2" dia. SS bolts for corrosion protection for exterior
> application.  The bolts are used to attach precast concrete panels.  The
> loads
> are small and 1/2" dia. and equivalent of A307 bolts are more than
> adequate
> for combined effects of shear and tension.  I have glanced through ASTM F
> 593-95.  However, I am still confused about the right ASTM specification
> for
> the bolts, nuts and how to specify it on the drawings.  Is A316 correct?  
> **** I prefer the A193 specification because the chemical properties and
> the
> mechanical properties are listed, and it is what I am accustomed to.  A316
> is the "type" of steel and is an AISI designation.  You can get a
> martensite
> or austenite alloy in the 316 chemistry with markedly different mechanical
> properties.
> I also hear about 18-8 SS bolts.  Are these structural bolts?  
> **** This is the catch all of stainless steel bolts.  It is not a good
> stainless steel, and is an AISI spec.  I would not use it.
> How do I specify
> these?  
> **** Get the A193 specification.  If it is atmospheric corrosion or
> exposure
> to sea water, use the equivalent nickel as the 318. If the exposure is
> something more on the exotic side, you need to do your homework and
> research
> the corrosion rate and the acceptability of a given rate of corrosion.  Or
> you can blow the budget and just specify Carpenter 20 steel (used for
> sulfuric acid piping and is very expensive).
> What are the mechanical properties? 
> **** It is in the A193 specification.
> Any information would be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> Anand Nene