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HUD & Mobile Home Foundation Inspections

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Once you see the HUD requirements (CFR 3280 and 3282) for mobile homes 
(Manufactured Homes), you, as a structural engineer, will be shocked that 
such construction is permitted.  Unless a mobile home is constructed as a 
"Modular Home," virtually *any* liberty may be taken by the designer under 
the guise of "integrated unit."  I have seen calculations, which, BTW, are 
hard to obtain, prepared by a Structural Engineer that showed the stresses 
(WSD) in the steel frame being, "... 35,900 psi < 36,000 psi (O.K.)," when 
the maximum allowable stress that I calculated based on unbraced length of 
the compression flange was in the 6,000 psi range.

A "Modular Home" has to comply with the codes that we are familiar with, 
however, even if the unit is a "Modular Home," it can be constructed under 
the "Manufactured Home" provisions by just so stating that.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

. > I've been asked to do a foundation inspection on an existing mobile home
. > that is being refinanced thru HUD.  

. > I understand the requirements became effective on August 24, 1998.  I
. > haven't seen the HUD requirements, but will tomorrow morning.

. > Have any of you been called on to do such an inspection.  

. > I'll appreciate any advice, identification of "landmines", etc.

. > Thanx,

. > Fountain E. Conner, P.E.