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Re: HUD & Mobile Home Foundation Inspections

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To Fountain Conner, PE

Seller will be upset if there is anything to fix based on your inspection

Selling Realtor will be upset if there is anything to fix based on your report

Buyer will like you for finding any defects (they will try to get price

HUD will be difficult to deal with, they seem to take an inordinate amount of
time to process documents, you will get complaints from all parties.

Above all, read the requirements in minute detail to outline what your
responsibilies are for inspection and reporting.  HUD will "bounce" the report
if there are any discrepancies at all or missing information in the report.
They require all bases for the inspection be covered, whether applicable or

The inspection will take about one to two hours, the paper work double or
triple if the financing agency requires the HUD standard report format.  Make
sure you ask the financing firm what the report format requirements are, they
will "bounce" the inspection if the format doesn't meet their requirements.

Since your are in a hurricane exposure area, make sure the standards for tie
downs are followed.  You will have to pass judgement on the existing system or
lack thereof. Also you will be required to reinspect any work done and certify
to standards.  Additional pitfalls are:

Generally mobile home contractors/workers are not the best quality compared to
other construction trades 

Everyone but the buyer will try to reduce the time and money involved with any
construction work necessary, a lot of finger pointing will be to your
direction for corrective work.

Hope you are getting sufficient fees to cover the potential headaches.

Jim Fruit, AIA
Carl Mileff and Associates, Inc.
Building Code Services