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RE: Nox-Y-Dek

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I guess that this is a traffic bearing membrane deck which will be exposed
to UV.  Presumably this is a polyurethane membrane.  There are numerous
manufacturers of this type of product.  The most important aspects of
traffic bearing membranes are:
1.  A good owners maintenance manual which includes snow removal provisions
(if applicable), cleaning, & maintenance.
2.  The applicators longevity and willingness to provide service in the
market is vital.
3.  Check out the thickness' of the various components.  Generally there is
blast tracking, an epoxy bond coat, the membrane, and the top coat which
will contain the aggregate for slip resistance.  Usually you will have
various thicknesses in the parking lanes, drive lanes, and turning areas.
4.  Ask for AASHTO abrasion resistance rating.

Once you have compiled the data, compare it with a weighted evaluation
methodology to compare various systems.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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From: Canitz, Charles F NAB02
Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 1999 11:01 AM
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Subject: Nox-Y-Dek

Has anyone had any experience with this product(Nox-Y-Dek by Mathys
Waterproofing)? It's presently proposed as waterproofing membrane for one of
my customer's precast/prestressed concrete garages. This membrane is
proposed for the upper level which consists of 7'-0" wide double T's
beams(with no concrete topping) which are supported by precast "L" and
inverted "T" beams.  I've previously met with the salesman and naturally it
will correct all concrete defeciencies. I also met a building owner this
morning at one his properties where this product was applied. He seemed
happy with the performance to date but it's only been in service for
approximately 4 months.


Charlie Canitz