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Re: Response Spectrum Analysis

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Dear Francis,

The main problem is how to interpret Rw (or any other parameters related to
ductility factor in various codes) in design. There are many invaluable
resources which can help you to decide your best solution. I may cite a few
of them here:

1.Earthquake design criteria / by G.W. Housner and P.C. Jennings. --
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, 1982. -- (Engineering monographs
on earthquake criteria, structural design, and strong motion records ; v. 4

2. The Seismic design handbook / edited by Farzad Naeim. -- Van Nostrand
Reinhold, 1989. -- (Structural engineering series)

3..ATC-2: an evaluation of a response spectrum approach to seismic design
of buildings / by Applied Technology Council, for National Science
Foundation, Research Applied to National Needs Program and National Bureau
of Standards. -- Repr.. -- ATC], 1981

4. Manual of seismic design / James L. Stratta. -- Englewood Cliffs, N.J. :
Prentice-Hall, 1987

5. Seismic design of buildings / James Ambrose, Dimitry Vergun. -- Wiley,1985

Hope that this suggestion is not to complicate your problem excessively!

At 03:12 p.m. 99/03/31 +0800, you wrote:
>I'm having a problem with regards to the seismic analysis of structures
>using response spectrum analysis. We usually use this dynamic analysis for
>multi-storey structures. For 5 storey-high structures and below, we use the
>UBC minimum lateral force procedure which normally gives a conservative
>value of EQ forces.
>With regards to response spectrum analysis, using STAAD or ETABS, there is a
>portion there which requires a a value like the SCALE of the forces. I know
>of some who input on this blindly like using a value of 4.445 or something.
>I commonly use the value obtained from the dynamic base shear divided by the
>base shear from the minimum Lateral Force Procedure of UBC. 
>Am I right on this or have I missed out some things. I tried to read other
>materials but it doesn't mention the scale to be used? 
>Any reply, comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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