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Seismic load on large tanks

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If you are to use the TID7024 make sure you use the corrected equations. 
In the early 80's some "revisions" were made to the equations by Medhat
Haroun at UC Irvine, while he was one of George Housner's Grad students.

You can also reference Prof. Haroun's work in the 80's, published in EERI,
ASCE proceedings of conferences for this information.  His and his grad
students (me included) continued the tank research into FEM modeling of the
fluid, shell and foundation, this was all published.  This included the
effects of a roof, lifting of the shell during ground motion and the
comparison of the empirical equations to the FEM results for varying height
over diameter combinations.

The graphs published in AWWA or API are based upon equations, many of those
are used in the tank manufacturers design software.

Williston "Bill" L. Warren, IV - S.E.
Newport Beach, CA

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Subject: Seismic load on large tanks

The formula can be found in TID 7024, George Housner's work or many other
papers on seismic design of tanks.  Or see our work in NEHRP 1997
formula A14., page 242

The sloshing period is 2Pi x SQRT [D/ (3.68g tanh (3.68H/D)]

 Use consistent units.

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