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Re: Project Scheduling Software

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Several years ago, scheduling was identified as the number one problem
in our firm of 75, so we began a search to find a software package to
help us. To our dismay, we could not find one to meet our needs. Most
software was construction or project oriented and not designed to meet
the needs of a design firm.

I wrote a spreadsheet with macros which lists each person, his or her
assigned project, project phase (SD, DD, CD, CA), estimated hours to
completion and deadline date. Each department updates their schedule on
a weekly basis and then the project durations are plotted out on a bar
chart of a 2 month period. It is hard for us to accurately predict our
workload much more than 2 months out, except for large projects. All our
department schedules than feed their info. to a company wide schedule
for general manpower needs.

This program has really helped us get a handle on our scheduling
problems. We can predict problems before they occur and take appropriate
action to help alleviate them by overtime, increasing staff, utilizing
consultants or delaying the project.

Jim Kestner, P.E.
Green Bay, Wi.