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Usually I use dummy columns to model wall supports like these, I guess
because I started using ETABS before the springs were available.

Anyway, if I am trying to account for foundation flexibility, I will size
the column, and use an appropriate material, such that the dummy column
mimics the soil support.

If foundation flexibility is not so important, I just use a very stiff

An important thing to remember is the pin conditions top and bottom of the
dummy column.  Furthermore, you will probably need to restrain the floor
level, at least for the lateral analysis in the direction which is pushing
the structure into the hill, using the translational and perhaps rotational
spring restraints defined in the "Story" data block.

Just as a note, this question is specifically addressed on page 49 of the
version 6 and up user manual for ETABS.  They even have a picture.

Hope this helps

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>Hi, Does anyone know how to put a spring to the bottom of a shear wall?
>I have a situation that shear wall supports are on a different level of
>elevation (sloped foundation surface)
>Does anyone have any suggestion how to model this using ETABS?
>Thank you.