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Re: Re: Seismic Zone 1 - U. L. Steel Beam Substitution

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seaint(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
All -

	A couple of questions about the "U.L." book:  what is it?  Who is it
published by?  I've had a little success on the web finding what looks
like related information (UL list of flame retardent ABS), but no info
on what the "UL book" is.  I assume it's related to Underwriters Lab,
but it seems they have quite a number of publications.  Big surprise

U.L. book is a big thick red manual put out by Underwriters Laboratory.  It
has all of the fire rating assembly construction including roofs, floors,
columns and walls.  It is very awkward to use.  It's official title is:

Fire Resistance Directory - Volume 1
Hourly ratings for Beams, Floors, Roofs, Columns, and Walls and Partitions.

Their web address is


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