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Re: Seismic / building code

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In a message dated 4/1/99 5:13:12 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
chamilto(--nospam--at) (Charley Hamilton) writes:

 	even as an EIT, I'd appreciate knowing who my profession is being
     criticized by.  Yank, do you have an offline name & profession?

Dear Mr. Hamilton:

When you re-read my message CAREFULLY you will notice that there is not one 
word of "criticism" of the structural engineering profession expressed. 

On the contrary. The sentence: 

               "That's why, with due respect to their knowledge and 
experience ......"     

speaks very highly about the profession. 

If there is any criticism with regard to the main subject of the message (the 
building code), it comes not from me but from other structural engineers 
making these observations -- as displayed in my message.

My observation that "the seismic code they (the engineers) have to follow is 
the most BLUNDERED engineering code in the country" is simply my conclusion 
as to what I think about the CODE  -- based also on observations by other 
engineers. Since I've spent about 35 years designing structures in 
California, I think I have some understanding and knowledge what they were 
talking about. 

The subject of my identity (or anyone else's identity) was discussed on this 
list quite widely a short time ago. If you wish to know what was the general 
consensus on the subject matter, please re-read appropriate messages from the 
list' s archive. I will have no further comments on this topic.