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Tank Foundation

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I am designing a water tank( 22'-0" Dia x 14'-0" Height) foundation located within a nuclear power
plant structure. The bottom of tank is sloped to collect slurge, and some pipe are installed 
below base plate. Futhermore the tank will be assembled by welding within the structure 
due to limited opening and internal work space within the structure. For the design of the tank foundation,
I am considering grout, oil sand  and clean sand. With grout, I think not adequate since
 there may be too much void within grout due to difficulty in construction caused by too
large base plate to grout, and we have bad experience in similar cases. With oil sand,
we designed for large tank foundations located on yard without enclosure structure. But with this method
, I worry about unexpected smoke and fire caused by welding of tank bottom plates since the plate shall
be assembled directly above oil sand. Therefore I think clean sand is the best for this case.
But I have not any experience with clean sand foundation and worry unexpected construction 
difficulties etc.. Could anyone give me advice, comment or information about reference book for 
this problem?
            Thank you in advance.
                                    young-ki Kim P.E