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RE: Seismic / building code

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You can not help the fact that people serving on the BSSC have strong
personalities.  It used to be that whatever came out of SEAOC via the ATC
became code.  The primary effort now that becomes seismic code is coming
through the NEHRP / BSSC process.  As such SEAOC and all other organizations
have one vote after the proposals go through the Technical Subcommittees and
the Provisions Update Committee.
Some of the people serving on the BSSC with strong personalities also have
solid expertise.  I haven't seen any railroading of issues.  

I saw where Claret Heider addressed the issues of simplified design, and the
use of the BSSC web page.  I often use this very forum to develop sections
of my chapter (seismic design of cranes).  If engineers look for
interpretations, there is confusion.  Sometimes it is the reader, and
sometimes it is the document.  We do need to work on making it clearer.

See how quickly your comments have become policy.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company