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Re: Seismic / building code

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Hats off to Yank for his compilation of many salient comments on this
thread. The resulting critical mass of discontent has smoked out many more

Regrettably, this dissent tends to dismay even the best of code writing
participants, among whom surely must be Mr Sprague.

Regrettable, but necessary. The code situation is too far gone to deal with
strictly with smiles. Obligatory assent by all parties all these years to
the process and to whatever emerged is how the mess we're in got so deep.
Now come the recriminations. So be it.

On my first day of "R and R" in Hawaii with my wife in the spring of 1970,
after ten months in Vietnam, the Kent State riots happened. Now I'm coming
around to see why. It was the last means left for the generation from which
privates and corporals were drawn to influence what the Pentagon and White
House were doing to them.

It's like that now, between small-job engineers and the sophisticated and
high rise practitioners who own the code process. These vexed and
beleaguered small-job code users are going to have to riot to get relief
from what their "betters" are doing to them. The problem is not just the
code's effect on ordinary structures, it is the code's effect on the
engineering practitioner. They are being sent into ever-worse minefields of
legal peril, compliments of code shortcomings that make them so vulnerable.

Yank asked:
>Does anyone care to comment ????

There's an installment. Much more is on deck.

Charles O. Greenlaw  SE    Sacramento CA