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RE: Project Scheduling Software

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Actually, once you get good at it, you can build this into the "current"
version of your schedule.  A schedule created by PM software is and should
be a living document.  True, you have a baseline with which to compare the
current (and ultimate) schedule, and that is helpful for future planning.

But if you'll dig into the details you'll discover that programs like
SureTrak and MS Project do enable you to program in "dormant" and lag times
in the schedule as soon as you know about them.  Thus you can see how it
affects the overall project, other tasks that may be dependent, etc.

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> A bigger problem for us always seems to be the fact that the client's
> schedule itself appears to live in a whimsical fantasy world
> of appearing,
> disappearing, reappearing and ever-changing.  If you can find
> software that
> can predict that, please let me know, too!!