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For structural safety any building code would define the minimum
(debateable).  For concrete probabilities, a text on fracture mechanics
would be a good resource.  ACI has many publications ($) concerning
aggregate size to strength comparisons, mix ratios etc.,.

     For structural in general, books or engineering journal articles on
buckling or structural stability are in your college library and city

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Date: Sunday, April 04, 1999 12:10 AM
Subject: hello2

>Hello, I'm a civil engineer student from de Universidad Técnica Federico
  >Santa María in Chile South-America. Now I'm taking a course of design of
  >concrete structures and I would be happy if you could send me some
  >information about structural safety and everything that has to do with
  >probabilities in structural desing.
  >I would be glad if you considered my petition.

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