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Tie Back Retaining Walls

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I'm designing a tieback retaining wall using tierods that are connected
from back of wall to tiebacks grouted into rock.  The 12 ft wide space
between the back of vertical retaining wall and the existing slope will be
backfilled once the tierods are in place.

The new backfill will be compacted but is being placed on compressible
materials that are expected to settle about 1" or so during the life of the
project (50 years).  The wall itself is supported on rock and is not
expected to settle.

My question is:  When the fill settles behind the wall, the tierods will
have vertical load imposed on them from the fill.  One of the tierod
manufactures states that I don't need to worry about this.  I think that
the rods will pickup significant tranverse load and possibly fail in
combined tension and bending or pullout the anchorage due to increased
axial force (from suspending the soil load above).

How do you feel about this?

Brad Friederichs
VE Solutions, Inc.
Sacramento, CA