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Principal Section Properties

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The AISC manual that I have gives enough information that the properties 
about the principal axes can be calculated.  Doesn't I = r^2*A ???  Isn't 
r(z) given????  Isn't alpha given???  Remember Mohr's circle???

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Zachary Goswick wrote:

. > I am looking for principal (not geometric) section properties of a
. > single unequal leg angle because the design (according to AISC steel
. > manual "Specification for Allowable Stress Design of Single-Angle
. > Members" section 5.3.2 calls for Moment of Inertia about the
. > z-axis(minor principal axis) and the Section modulus about the
. > w-axis(major principal axis).  Given (rz) and the area, I can backsolve
. > for the Iz, but calculating the Section modulus about the w-axis is
. > another story.  AISC manual does not have any of these values tabulated.
. > I was trying to find out if they are tabulated anywhere else.