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Natural Hazards Mitigation Discussion Groups - Update

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There are now four moderated cross-disciplinary Email groups available to
join on natural hazard mitigation, including Wind Hazard Mitigation and
Engineering, Flood Hazard Mitigation and Engineering, Ice, Hail and Snow
Hazard Mitigation and Emergency Response
& Recovery.  They  are devoted to promoting effective hazard mitigation
research, practice and policy. The groups are intended to focus on the
various natural hazards, but in a broad multi- and cross-disciplinary
context. Sponsorship is provided by the Partners-In-Mitigation Fellowship
through a grant provided by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Members
are welcomed from the Scientific, Engineering, Construction, Financial,
Emergency Response and other related sectors.


There are two ways to join:

1. Users add themselves by entering their e-mail addresses into the
membership form found with the group's messages on the site.

2. Users send an e-mail to wind_haz_mit-subscribe(--nospam--at) or
flood_haz_mit-subscribe(--nospam--at) or
ice-snow-hail_haz_mit-subscribe(--nospam--at) or
response_recovery-subscribe(--nospam--at) as appropriate.

The messages of the group and other group information is found at

Comments and suggestions are very welcome and may be sent to:

James Cohen
James Cohen Consulting, P.C.
PO Box 130
Pennington, NJ 08534
Tel: (609) 730-0510
Fax: (609) 730-0511