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Re: Tapered Frame Design Software

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Gaylord -

You may want to opt for a custom-made program. SACESS specialise in
tailor-made computer programs for structural and civil engineering needs. We
have been quite satisfied with their service. Their email is sacess(--nospam--at)

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Date: 06 April 1999 05:32
Subject: Tapered Frame Design Software

>Is anyone aware  of any (reasonably priced) software to assist in the
>design of tapered frame metal buildings. I have found two (Tx & SD) but
>these start at about $50,000 per copy.  We design many of these frames per
>year and the "longhand" time required is considerable.  The types of frames
>we need to design are of the type offered by companies like Butler, Span,
>Ceco etcetera. We have software by Risa, Pframe, and several others but
>they will not correctly design the frames with thin webs that are usually
>associated with typical metal buildings.  Any suggestions ?