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Digital Camera

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I would be interested to know what users have to say about Digital Camera.

I am interested to purchase a digital camera.  My first choice is Olympus 
DL400 for its compact size and good picture quality.  However, after doing 
some more research, I learnt that Sony Mavica FD81 and Kodak DC260 have voice 
recording capabilities.  Although these two cameras are a bit bigger and 
heavier than Olympus, the voice recording features are attractive to me since 
I can record a short note after taking a picture at a job site.

I would like to know comments from users who have used either Sony or Kodak 
and what are the experiences?  Are the voice recording features practical and 
usable or is it just a marketing hype?  Any other comments? Suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Anand Nene