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Re: Digital Camera

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At 11:01 AM 4/6/99 EDT, you wrote:
>I would be interested to know what users have to say about Digital Camera.
>I am interested to purchase a digital camera.  My first choice is Olympus 
>DL400 for its compact size and good picture quality.  However, after doing 
>some more research, I learnt that Sony Mavica FD81 and Kodak DC260 have
>recording capabilities.  Although these two cameras are a bit bigger and 
>heavier than Olympus, the voice recording features are attractive to me
>I can record a short note after taking a picture at a job site.
>I would like to know comments from users who have used either Sony or Kodak 
>and what are the experiences?  Are the voice recording features practical
>usable or is it just a marketing hype?  Any other comments? Suggestions?
>Thanks in advance,
>Anand Nene
The problem with digital images is that they can be altered.  If you're
looking to record an image that may sometime be used as support for a legal
arguement, you'll find that the legal community relies on 35mm.
I have an Olympus 320L, however, and I love it for all the facets it does
Sandy Pringle