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RE: Digital Camera

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Lockwood Greene Technologies has used digital cameras for some time in
the Oak Ridge office.  We started with one of the early Casio models,
which did a great job, but had poor resolution.  We now use a Casio
model with very high resolution and lots of neat features.  This camera
will take a short movie or a panorama, but we can't get more than a few
photos taken before we have to change out the batteries ($$$).  If
you're looking at one with voice recording features, you might want to
consider getting some rechargeable batteries.

I recently looked at one of the Kodak DC260's and noticed it was quite a
bit bigger than the DC210.  I prefer slipping the camera in my pocket
between shots or when climbing a ladder, etc.  With the larger 260 you
might have a hard time getting around a construction site. I don't know
anything about the compact Olympus model you are looking at, but the
DC210 has a good reputation for capabilities, resolution and the smaller
size.  I believe the DC210 also has removable photo storage which our
Casio model does not have.

We use our digital camera to take photos of damage, decay, or other
interesting structural features.  The photos really stand out in a
report.  We have given two presentations with the camera hooked up to a
television, and they were both very successful.  We also have sent the
images via e-mail between our offices and to clients with no problems.

They are not (in my opinion) as good as a 35mm camera for "real"
photography, but for communicating with others over the internet and for
putting photos into reports and presentations they can't be beat!

Michael Ritter, PE

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> Subject:	Digital Camera
> I would be interested to know what users have to say about Digital
> Camera.
> I am interested to purchase a digital camera.  My first choice is
> Olympus 
> DL400 for its compact size and good picture quality.  However, after
> doing 
> some more research, I learnt that Sony Mavica FD81 and Kodak DC260
> have voice 
> recording capabilities.  Although these two cameras are a bit bigger
> and 
> heavier than Olympus, the voice recording features are attractive to
> me since 
> I can record a short note after taking a picture at a job site.
> I would like to know comments from users who have used either Sony or
> Kodak 
> and what are the experiences?  Are the voice recording features
> practical and 
> usable or is it just a marketing hype?  Any other comments?
> Suggestions?
> Thanks in advance,
> Anand Nene