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RE: Digital Camera

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A true optical zoom lens provides a better image than a digital zoom
feature.  Most of the digital zoom images I have worked with exhibit some
form of "pixelation" a large zoom ratios.  Only a few of the higher priced
digital cameras ($900.00 plus) utilize quality lens e.g. nikkor etc.  I
believe minolta just released a fairly high end digital camera that has
changeable lens, 38-105 mm zoom and a wide angle.  I think you get the zoom
with the camera and the wide angle is an option.  These are supposed to be
high quality glass lenses.  Some digital cameras I have worked with offer a
combination of optical and digital zoom.  Suggest you test drive several
models before you decide.

Regards...Henry D. Kim

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A side question on these digital cameras, what are the best zooms currently
available for them?  Quite a few of them have optical and digital zooms,
anyone have any experience with these features?

-Bill King