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Job Vacancy at FEMA

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Job Vacancy at the
Federal Emergency Management Agency
OPEN:March 17, 1999 
CLOSE:April 28, 1999 
POSITION:Civil Engineer/Architect, GS-810/808-13/14 (INTERDISCIPLINARY) 
SALARY RANGE:$58,027 - $89,142 
LOCATION:FEMA, Mitigation Directorate, Program Assessment and Outreach
Division, Program Policy and Assessment Branch 
DUTY STATION:Washington, DC 
AREA OF CONSIDERATION:All Sources - Washington, DC Commuting Area 
Veterans who are preference eligibles or who have been separated from the
armed forces under honorable conditions after 3 years or more of continuous
active service may apply. Applicants claiming veterans preference must
provide proof of claim with submission of application. Federal career and
career conditional SURPLUS (eligible employees who have received a
Certificate of Separation) DISPLACED employees in the local commuting area,
who are rated "well qualified" will receive special selection priority. To
apply as a displaced candidate, applicants must submit a copy of the RIF or
separation notice, a copy of their last performance appraisal, and must
address all KSA`s for the vacancy. 
DUTIES The incumbent serves as a Senior Engineer/Architect, responsible for
the development of program policies, policy guidance, technical standards,
and technical guidance on strategies to minimize the risk of damage to the
built environment from natural hazards such as earthquakes, floods, wind or
fire. The incumbent works with others to identify research and development
needs in the areas of flood and wind-resistant design and construction
practices. Provides technical support to FEMA's Emergency Management
Institute in the development of technical training materials for such
training initiatives as FEMA's Multihazard Building Design Summer Institute
(MBSDI). Supports disaster operations by responding to building science
needs of Emergency Response Teams and Emergency Support Teams as assigned.
Supports disaster operations as a member of the Agency's Building
Performance Assessment Teams. Acts as the official point of contact for
various organizations interested in natural hazard mitigation. Prepares
highly technical papers expressing the Agency's position on critical issues.
On occasion, represents the Agency's position in public forums such as model
building code hearings. As an expert on natural hazard mitigation, acts as
the project officer in the development of new technical publications on
natural hazard mitigation
Engineer, GS-810-13/14 Basically this requires successful completion of A or
B below: 
*	(A) A full 4-year course of study at an accredited college or
university leading to a bachelor`s degree with major study in engineering.
The course work must have included differential and integral calculus, and
physics in five of the following seven areas as of engineering science or
physics: (a) static dynamics; (b) strength of materials; (c) fluid
mechanics, hydraulics; (d) thermodynamics; (e) electrical fields and
circuits; (f) nature and properties of materials (relating particle and
aggregate structure to properties); and (g) any other comparable area of
fundamental engineering science of physics, such as optics, heat transfer,
soil mechanics, or electronics.  
*	(B) Four years of college-level education, training, and/or
technical experience that furnishes (1) a thorough knowledge of the physical
and mathematical sciences underlying professional engineering, and (2) a
good understanding, both theoretical and practical, of the engineering
sciences and techniques and their application to one of the branches of
engineering.  In addition to meeting the basic requirements contained in the
OPM Qualifications Operating Manual, candidates must have a minimum of one
year of professional experience. Such professional experience must have been
at a level of difficulty comparable to that of the next lower grade in the
Federal Service. Status applicants must meet the time-in-grade requirements.
The professional engineering experience required is defined as non-routine
engineering work that required and was characterized by (1) professional
knowledge of engineering; (2) professional ability to apply such knowledge
to engineering problems; and (3) positive and continuing development of
professional knowledge and ability. 
Architect, GS-808-13/14 Applicants must have successfully completed a full
4-year or longer course of professional study in an accredited college or
university which included at least 60 semester hours of course work in
architecture or related disciplines. This course of study must have included
as a minimum: (a) 30 semester hours in architectural design; and (b) 6
semester hours in each of the following: structural technology, properties
of material and methods of construction, and environmental control systems. 
*	Alternative Requirement Candidates may substitute for the basic
requirements an alternative requirement of college level education,
training, and/or technical experience that furnished (1) a thorough
knowledge of the arts and science underlying professional architectural
principles, methods and techniques and their applications to the design and
construction or improvement or improvement of buildings. This knowledge and
understanding must be equivalent to that provided by a full 4-year or longer
professional architectural curriculum, with respect to (a) the knowledge,
skills, and abilities required to perform professional architectural work in
the position to be filled, and (b) the ability to develop and progress in a
career as a professional architect. The adequacy of such background must be
demonstrated by one of the following: 
Experience: In addition to the basis requirements, one year of professional
experience is required. At least one year of the required experience must
have been at a level of difficulty comparable to that of the next lower
grade in the Federal Service. Status applicants must meet-time-in-grade
Selective Placement Factor: A working knowledge of natural hazards
mitigation practices and techniques as they relate to building design and
construction methods. 
This is a Nonsensitive position, which requires a National Agency Check with
Inquiries (NACI). 
GENERAL INFORMATION This announcement is open to all candidates. No prior
Federal service is required. Non-status candidates will be considered under
the US Office of Personnel Management Delegated Examining procedures. Status
candidates will be considered under Agency Merit Promotion procedures,
unless they request consideration under OPM Delegated Examining and submit
two applications. All applicants for Federal employment receive
consideration without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age,
political affiliation or non-affiliation, non-disqualifying physical
handicap, and any other non-merit factor. All male applicants between the
ages of 18 and 25 are eligible for appointment only after registering with
the Selective Service System. Drug Testing: Applicants for this position may
be required to submit to a urinalysis for illegal drug use prior to
BASIS OF RATING No written test is required and on any additional
information obtained by the FEMA Examining Unit.. Competitors will be rated
on the extent and the quality of the Application for Federal Employment
meeting the basic eligibility requirements and any selective placement
factor stated in the announcement will be rated according to the knowledge,
skills, and abilities attached. Applicants are encouraged to submit a
written statement addressing any selective placement factor and each KSA.  
EMERGENCY ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS Employees of the Federal Emergency
Management Agency are subject to 24-hour on call in the event of an
emergency. This service may require irregular working hours, work locations
other than official duty station, and duties other than those specified in
the position description. 
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES KSA`s: Applicants should address the
appropriate KSA`s in their application/résumé: 
*	Comprehensive knowledge of engineering theory, principles, methods,
and practices; structural and architectural techniques, building codes, and
building design and construction methods and costs for multi-hazard
mitigation applications. 
*	 A demonstrated ability to identify, assess and formulate
conclusions and recommendations to solve complex problems.  
*	Comprehensive knowledge of the practices and techniques of project
evaluation, analysis, management, and formulating and presenting related
conclusions and recommendations.  
*	A demonstrated ability to develop innovative approaches and
solutions to mitigation problems of the built environment in areas where
traditional techniques and approaches are not fully effective.   
*	Demonstrated skills in technical communication involving both
speaking and writing, and to present the Agency's position to outside
organizations and constituents.  
Applicants claiming 10-point Veterans Preference must also file a Claim
10-point Veteran Preference, SF-15, and the documentary proof required to
substantiate the claim. 
HOW TO APPLY: Applicants must submit an SF-171, OF-612 or résumé to: Federal
Emergency Management Agency 500 C Street, SW, Room 816  Washington, DC 20472
Attn: Carolyn Nelson-Ballard For more information about this vacancy,
contact Carolyn at 202-646-3244.