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Column K factor

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If you "lose" your case, and have to design the column as an inverted 
cantilever, in addition to paying the design price for using K=2.1, do you 
also have to check the column for axial, PLUS bending due to the cantilever 
moment?  And what about the footing that supports the column?  Assuming that 
it is now designed for axial load only, does it also have to be increased to 
resist axial loads, plus the cantilevered moment?  And the baseplate, too?

More to ponder.

Bruce Resnick, SE
Parker Resnick Str. Eng.

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 To win your case (e.g. to use K=1) you will have to prove that your roof
 diaphragm is MUCH stiffer than the inverted cantilever (both directions)
 and that your OWSJ tie connection never goes into bearing - this is
 essentially a self-defeating condition; if it bears, you have a moment
 connection but if it doesn't bear, then why does it exist ...