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Re: Digital Camera

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SEAONC has just bought a SONY Mavica FD-91. It is the top-of the-line SONY. It is available for members to rent at $25/day from the SEAONC office.

It is obvious that people prefer and recommend the camera and brand they have (otherwise they would not have purchased it!).

Here are the main features of the SONY Mavica FD-91 that attracted me:
1. Recording media: Regular 3.5" 1.44MB diskettes. Holds 40 photos each.
2. Resolution: Up to 1024X768.
3. Zoom: 14X Optical.
4. MPEG: Takes 60sec of MPEG per diskette.
5. Audio: You can add audio to still images.
6. Ease of use: Slip in a diskette, take a picture or movie, slip the diskette into your computer, ouble click the file and it opens. All formats are readable by basic Windows components. No need for additional software. Everybody with Windows can open the files if you give them the diskette or email them the files.

Hope that was helpful.

For more details refer to the We Site article in the SEAONC April99 Newsletter at

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