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Re: masonry

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>From "Recommended Practice for engineered Brick Masonry" pub.= Brick
Institute of America :  f'm=A(400 + Bf'b) where A= coef.=2/3 without
inspection and 1.0 with inspection.  B=0.3 for type M mortar, 0.25=S mortar,
0.2=N mortar.

For  M or S mortar: Vm=0.5(sqr( f'm)) but   < 40 without inspection and < 80
with inspection.  For type N mortar  same eq. but 28 without and 56 with

     The reference I used is copywrite 1980.

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Date: Wednesday, April 07, 1999 9:17 AM
Subject: masonry

>I am looking for "experienced" values for f´m and fv for masonrys of clay.
>It looks like the values for this properties are to overestimated in the
>any coments will be thankful
>Rodrigo Delgado Zirpel