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Re: shear ply over gypsum

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Yes, it's in the wood structural panel shear wall table. Includes 5/8" gwb also
(Type X or C gwb used for fire-rated walls).  A better structural solution would
be to use wood structural panel sheathing directly attached to framing, with gwb
over; it's permitted for fire-rated walls by footnote to fire-rated walls in
Chapt. 7 table.  Siding of any type could be installed over the gwb (e.g., a
three-layer wall on the exterior side). It's UL Design U344 for one-hr. fire
resistance from either side.  City of LA amendments for 97UBC will delete
provisions for using wood structural panels over gwb until cyclic tests indicate
acceptable performance.

John Rose/APA, Tacoma, WA

Jeff Smith wrote:

> Can anyone tell me if the 97 code allows shear walls with shear plywood over
> 1/2" gyp. (I have not picked up the new code yet)
> Jeff Smith