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Re: ICBO California Legislative Alert

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On 4/7/99, you wrote in reply:

>>In other 
>>words, we're changing what is possible to change, not what is (relatively) 
>>impossible to change.    [-Ralph H. Kratz] 

>Not to sound like a snot, but if change doesn't address the real problem, 
>you're only pretending to improve things. 
>Christopher Wright P.E.


Like a snot??  It's the sound of mucus that this ill's alive with.

Christopher, you're right. It is only a sham improvement. There is a false
and cocky assumption by engineers that the engineer on woodframe jobs is the
boss of all the "woodbutchers" that Ralph referred to, whom the code "can't
control". Surprise: the engineer has no authority even to try to control
them, let alone the ability. The code at least has the authority, if not the

So we engineers put gawdawful burdens on ourselves to make up for the
unwillingness of others beyond our reach to follow our designs, or to
enforce the following of our designs.

Most of us, I suppose, feel good that we did something "to help", and we
still feel good, perhaps like Aztec priests in antiquity, when we throw a
few of our number down the volcano's crater as sacrifices to the lawsuit gods.

Charles O. Greenlaw, SE   Sacramento CA