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RE: Seismic / building code / Standard of Care

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Can anybody help me how to actually design a building with shear walls.
I seem to be at a loss with the guidelines and with the modelling.
I am limited to STAAD as my structural software and I'm finding it very
confusing in interpreting the results.
Also, with the response spectrum analysis, I'm confused with the STAAD way
of inputting. 
What is the best way of modelling a building with shear walls? That is "Do I
have to medel Shear walls
with boundary element always?". There's a rule in using boundary elements
for walls. 
Any tips or suggestions might help.

Anyway, this is for T. Eric Gillham:
Thanks for your previous suggestions and comments.
I'm not satisfied with my sample experimental design in STAAD.
Can I send a STAAD input file for your interpretation and comments? 
I don't want to design something in the future that would be wrong in any
structural aspects. 
Thanks. And hoping to hear from you. 

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> >At this point I have to plug a paper given two weeks ago at Case Western
> >Reserve University on the standard of care for structural engineers. It
> >has just been put on the internet, at
> >
> I would like to commend this paper to every engineer's attention. 
> Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
> Richmond CA