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AutoCad & General Notes

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<<Highlight and then cut and paste from a word
processor into Mtext
(do not save as an ascii file as this strips the
formatting) .  For the
most part the original format remains.  You need to
adjust the size of
the mtext box to get the right results.  However I
recommend inserting
no more than one page at a time as it can be slow to
resize a large
of text.

Vince Yu
Pickard Architects>>

I did the same procedure above except I used AutoCad

I could see those "CUT & PASTE" Notes at "PREVIEW",
but when plotting to HP DesignJet 450C, or HP DeskJet
660C, or HP LaserJet 5000, everything came out perfect
except those "CUT & PASTE" Notes were missing.


J. Lin
IDS, Inc.
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