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RE: Autocad14 & General Notes

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In our office we use Wordperfect and save the file as Dos Text.  The command
we use at the Autocad command prompt to input the file into the Autocad
drawing is asctext.  This command may have shipped with an earlier version
of Autocad.  Hope this helps.

Joseph M. Otto, PE
Ireland Engineering
Fremont, CA

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Subject: Autocad14 & General Notes


Does anyone have any idea how to bring General Notes (or any other large
body of text) into Autocad14 and have it retain its original format from a
Word or Wordperfect file.  I have tried saving an ascii text file with both
programs and I just get a mess when I pull the "txt" file into the drawing
with the mtext editor.  It seems to loose the format that I had with the
hard returns, tabs etc in my original document.


Blake Haley, P.E.
White Engineering Associates, Inc.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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