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Re: IBC Hearings

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On 4/8 Constantine Shuhaibar wrote:

Someone who attended the structural session of the IBC code hearings in
     Costa Mesa last month reported that West Coast influence was
     diminished by a very poor showing of CA building officials and diluted
     by an obvious lack of unity, especially among engineers.
     SEAW and SEAOC seemed in direct opposition on many issues and SEAOC
Code and SEAOC Seismology even disagreed.  West Coast building
     officials weren't unified either, resulting in disapproval of many
     code change proposals submitted from this part of the country.  Did
     anyone else who attended come away with a different perception?

I attended - and my perception was that it was far better than that.
Building Officials were not well represented, however, SEAOC's Seismology
and Code Committees were, both as SEAOC and also as NCSEA. The two
committees were reasonably well coordinated, and did not to my recollection
oppose each other.

In general, SEAOC did pretty well with its proposals, except for a series
of proposals on structural steel.  That was appropriate