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Re: IBC Hearings

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     I didn't attend the hearings, but I heard from those that did that it 
     went about as you described.
     Given that the IBC process is trying to pull together building 
     officials, engineers, architects, manufacturers, etc, from the entire 
     country, I think that it is reasonable to expect some conflict amongst 
     intelligent partipants.  Conflict is not bad.  Conflict resolution 
     yields progress.
     As far as having proposals approved or not approved, don't take it too 
     personal.  I initiated three proposals, which were not all approved.  
     We need to accept the wisdom of the famous cubicle dweller Dilbert, 
     "Some days you are the pigeon, other days the statue."
     Rick Drake, SE
     Fluor Daniel, Irvine

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Subject: IBC Hearings
Author:  "Constantine Shuhaibar" <csh(--nospam--at)> at fdinet
Date:    4/8/99 10:18 AM

Someone who attended the structural session of the IBC code hearings in 
     Costa Mesa last month reported that West Coast influence was 
     diminished by a very poor showing of CA building officials and diluted 
     by an obvious lack of unity, especially among engineers.
     SEAW and SEAOC seemed in direct opposition on many issues and SEAOC Code
and SEAOC Seismology even disagreed.  West Coast building 
     officials weren't unified either, resulting in disapproval of many 
     code change proposals submitted from this part of the country.  Did 
     anyone else who attended come away with a different perception?