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Re: electronic files

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Somthing to Consider:

I have noticed that many of the members of this list are concerned about
sending Electronic files of their drawings to other firms and I understand 
this concern. 

Now that I am working for a Developer / Contractor I find myself in the 
position of asking other engineering offices for their electronic drawings
for use in estimating, several of the new estimatting packages read AutoCAD 
drawings, so that we may provide the client with the best price 
possible for a project. 

Understand I can recreate most drawings within a few days with the new 
raster to CAD packages that are available but their is always the chance 
that something will be missed, or the dimentions may be off, or ..... 
Additionally: its a whole nother liability thing. And its still better than
taking the information off by hand with a scale, plinimiter, Note pad etc..

Having workable drawings gives both the client and us a better brake when we are
bidding on a new project.

I do not have an answer but if some one else does I would like to hear of it.

Robert W. Stevens, Jr., P.E.
Consulting Engineer

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On 04/08/99 12:15:51 you wrote:
>As professional engineers we are often requested by our clients/owners
>to furnish electronic files of our projects.  I can give countless
>reasons why i feel this is a bad idea, but will spare you the details.
>However I would like to explore any new ideas on how we can protect
>ourselves from these drawings being able to be
>changed/adjusted/manipulated, either by accident or on purpose.
>We have not had success with providing either (.plt files or .dwf
>files)  it seems that they either can't open them or do not have the
>same plotter etc.
>what shall we do?