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Forensic Engineering Seminar, Los Angeles Section, ASCE

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May 7, 1999, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

UC Irvine, Monarch Bay Conference Room

The Forensic Engineering Technical Group of the Los Angeles Section of ASCE 
is proud to announce our Fourth Annual Seminar.  This year we have assembled 
several nationally-renowned engineers to discuss case histories and the 
lessons learned from those case histories.  This seminar promises to be a 
very informative and educational seminar for all civil, structural, and 
geotechnical engineers.

Speakers include:

Ken Carper, professor at Washington State University.  Mr. Carper is the 
founding editor of the Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, and 
is the author of several papers and books on Forensic Engineering.  He will 
present a historical perspective on the lessons learned from forensic 

Emmanuel Velivasakis is Senior Vice President with the national 
design/forensic firm of LZA Technology.  He has participated in many 
high-profile structural failures, including the John Hancock Tower, 
L'Ambiance Plaza collapse, and the Personal Hoist Support Structure at Times 
Square.  His presentation will address the mechanics of a forensic 
investigation with parallels drawn to his current investigation of the Times 
Square collapse.

Ruben Zallen specializes in the investigation of structural failures and 
problem structures, earthquake engineering, and construction problems and 
procedures.  He has more than 40 years experience, and is a Fellow in ASCE.  
He is a past chairman of the Technical Council on Forensic Engineering of 
ASCE.  He will discuss several case histories addressing various lessons to 
be learned from failures.

Jerry Coleman is the Assistant District Attorney for the City and County of 
San Francisco.  He will present his perspective on the criminal investigation 
of a balcony collapse in San Francisco.  In that case, the general contractor 
was charged with manslaughter.

Dr. John Osteraas is a Principal Engineer with Exponent Failure Analysis 
Associates.  He was a structural engineer expert on the San Francisco case 
involving manslaughter due to a structural failure, and will jointly present 
with Mr. Coleman.

John Marthens is Vice President, Technical Services of Aon Risk Services, 
Inc.  He is a fire protection consultant to the insurance industry.  He will 
present a summary of the lessons learned from fire protection systems 
failures during the Northridge earthquake.

Sam Muir is an attorney who specializes in the representation of design 
professionals.  He will address contractual issues that pose the most 
significant risk and liability for engineers and architects who practice in 
the forensic field.

John Norman is Vice President and Regional Claims Manager for DPIC Companies. 
 Jointly with Mr. Muir, Mr. Norman will address the risk and liability issues 
faced by architects and engineers.

Seminar cost is $135, pre-paid, $150 at the door.  Cost includes continental 
breakfast, lunch, parking, and workshop materials.

For more information or a registration form, contact Lisa Shusto 310-302-7221 
or Steve Helfrich 909-792-7366