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Re: moving existing tilt-ups

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Moving a tilt-up does not sound particularly practical.

The potential problems and loss of building integrity are too numerous to

The foundations cannot be moved, therefore cost is fixed.

The roofing and roof sheathing will require complete replacement.  Plywood
or deck will not detach and re-attach with any useful integrity.

There is probably more labor and cost involved in trying to neatly dismantle
the existing panels to allow re-assembly then there would be in simply
constructing new panels.  Besides, there are enough "field-fixes" required
with new construction to make me shiver with the thought of what will be
required with the "re-use" of existing construction.  All of the panel
"pick" points will have to be re-established.  Since the existing embeds are
filled and covered over you will be looking at some form of through bolt
solution that will not be pretty.

None of the surface finishes will survive the move.  Any existing soffits
and / or ceiling systems will be un-usable.

I would say ask a competent contractor to cost the job both ways, new with
possibly some salvaged columns and joists, and relocated.

Then even if by some miracle the relocation comes in as less expensive,  I
would still walk away from the project.

My thoughts on the subject....

Paul Feather PE