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Re: moving existing tilt-ups

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A section of tilt-up wall was moved a few months ago in Monroe, Michigan
to enlarge a building.  My involvement with that phase of the project
was designing the reinforcement for the roof joists such that they could
be shored at an internal panel point to allow the load bearing panels to
be removed and replaced with a girder.  I had no direct contact with the
contractor, so I can't say for sure, but I overheard no scuttlebutt
indicating anyone was disatisfied with either the concept nor the
execution.  This was a warehouse where an interior load bearing wall
would have been unacceptable to the traffic patterns of the owner, so
leaving the wall alone and just adding on was not an option.  It was
also winter construction, so casting new panels would have been costlier
than you left coasters are accustumed to.  How much I don't know, so I
can't intelligently comment on the economics on your job.