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Back when I did a few OSHPD jobs we would some of the cabinets on wheels so
that we would not have to do a finite element analysis on a 20 GA cee stud
and #8 SM screws to prove it worked. :^) I once spent a good part of a day
designing an attachment for a 5 pound light fixture.

Sorry but I have no advice other than to give them what they want, since the
appeal would take more effort than the work. Maybe the Contractor should
help you out?


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I am finishing a project with OSHPOD.  The contractor had to build an
enclosure for a piece of mecjhanical equiptment.  Unfortunately, instead of
following the plans he decided to buy an enclosure from Home Depot.

The enclosure weighs all of 80 lbs.  The Structural Engineer for OSHPOD,
Hitler, wants me to calculate the strength of the different elements of of
the enclosure, verify that the enclosure meets the code requiements (roof
load etc..), and also provide anchorage.

I believe this enclosure should be treated like any other peice of
furnature.  Calculating the anchorage is no problem, but the rest is a waste
of time and money.

Who can I appeal to.  This is crazy.

Ken Tarlow