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I would do one of two things: Since the contractor did not follow the plans,
I would make him take it out and do it the way it was designed. Or I would
get paid up front for the design. OSHPD engineers get a sinister joy out of
literal readings of the code.

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> Sent: Thursday, April 08, 1999 3:09 PM
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> I am finishing a project with OSHPOD.  The contractor had to build an
> enclosure for a piece of mecjhanical equiptment.
> Unfortunately, instead of
> following the plans he decided to buy an enclosure from Home Depot.
> The enclosure weighs all of 80 lbs.  The Structural Engineer
> for OSHPOD,
> Hitler, wants me to calculate the strength of the different
> elements of of
> the enclosure, verify that the enclosure meets the code
> requiements (roof
> load etc..), and also provide anchorage.
> I believe this enclosure should be treated like any other peice of
> furnature.  Calculating the anchorage is no problem, but the
> rest is a waste
> of time and money.
> Who can I appeal to.  This is crazy.
> Ken Tarlow