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Digital Camera & Negative Scanner

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I own an older Sony Mavica 7 digital Camera that I purchased last May. It 
save photos on a standard floppy disk and the quality of the pictures has 
been good enough (640x480) for virtually all of the viewing types that I have 
need for (screen viewing, deskjet printing etc.). I use the camera to keep 
track of structural problems that occur in constrution - tracking projects 
and more. It has become an important piece of equipment for me.
There is a software package that I would highly recommend and have mentioned 
on this list before. Enroute is a company that makes two pieces of software 
called Quickstitch and Quickstitch 360 that can stitch together a series of 
photographs to make a panoramic view of the project with no seams. The 
software compensates for the line of stitching to create a seamless match. 
This provides a full view of your project and reduces the distortion.
Enroute is accessible by the web at I highly recommend this 
if you are trying to shoot large buildings or very wide shots.

Dennis S. Wish PE