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RE: Catenary Shape

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My favorite catenary shape reference is "Tension Structures" by John William
Leonard of Oregon State, published by McGraw-Hill.  Somewhat dated classics
in the field (I'm going on memory here, so don't quote me on these) include
a book called "Cable Structures" by Max Irvine (MIT Press), and "The Theory
of Suspension Bridges" by Sir Alfred Pugsley.

Brian McDonald, Ph.D., S.E.

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Subject: Catenary Shape

I'd like to find a thorough reference on catenaries.  Specifically, I need
be able to determine the shape of a flexible tension element as a function
the load that it supports.

Actually, I'm working on strengthening an existing unreinforced stone dome 
roof.  The profile of the neutral axis of a dome as a compression element, 
regardless of its shape, has the shape, inverted, of a flexible tension 
element supporting the same load.

This is more fun than metal-plate-connected roof trusses -- IMHO.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer